Canal Winchester Oh: The National Barber Museum & Hall of Fame

The National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to the art and science of barbering. The museum contains thousands of artifacts, including antique equipment used in barbering as well as an extensive collection of vintage magazines such as “Cutter and Barbasol Monthly”. It also features dioramas depicting various barbering scenes.

Created in 1938, the museum has been located in Canal Winchester, Ohio since 1985. The museum is housed in a former canal warehouse that was renovated with several additions designed by RTA Architects of Columbus Ohio to include an attractive one-story building that houses the main gallery and reception area. A two-story addition houses the museum collection. Collectively, the facilities provide 7500 sq ft to showcase two exhibits and a gift shop that is well-stocked with books on the history of barbering as well as contemporary products such as those made by Wahl Professional Hair Care Products.

The main exhibit focuses on the history of barbering from pre-history to the present. It includes exhibits on barber pole design, ancient shaving practices and tools, early American barbers and their shops as well as a collection of over 150 vintage shaving mugs. The exhibit also explores trends in men’s hairstyles such as the undercut and flattop.

The second exhibit features an automated training mannequin that shows how to give a proper haircut.

The National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame serve as the home of the International Barber Hall of Fame which recognizes barbers who have made outstanding contributions to the profession through education, mentorship, service, or other means. A list of inductees can be found on the museum’s website


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